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Thread: Can I Send Glass For Anti-Newton "Treatment?"

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    Can I Send Glass For Anti-Newton "Treatment?"

    When I purchased a 5x7 negative carrier for my Zone VI enlarger from Richard...I also had him send me an extra set of two glass plates, assuming I'd break one or two at some point (somehow they're all still fine). At that time Richard asked about AN vs plain...and I, being foolish, said plain (shoulda gotten at least one AN). Truth be told, I'd never really found Newton's rings to be a huge issue - but they do crop up from time to time. At any rate, Richard can no longer supply me with an AN version of his plates.

    Thing about Richard's glass plates is that they are quite thick and heavy, and very nice optically - so instead of trying to find an equivalent version with an AN surface...I'm wondering if there is some service to which I could send one of my plates, to have it "AN-i-fied?" AN-yone?

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    Re: Can I Send Glass For Anti-Newton "Treatment?"

    Morning John,

    Kevin at KHB sells Anti-Newton glass. See here:
    Flikr Photos Here:

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    Re: Can I Send Glass For Anti-Newton "Treatment?"

    Many years ago, when I was trying to solve an AN issue when contact printing my 8x10 negs I sent a piece of heavy plate glass to Ron Wisner, and he sent it off (?) somewhere to have one side coated with the same material used to coat lenses. It's a rather long story, but that's the short of it. It worked more Newton's Rings. I know this isn't much help without knowing the name of the service (they probably aren't around anymore, anyway) but, maybe, someone familiar with lens construction might help?

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