I have been selling silver recover "stuff" for about 15 years, and back in the 1980s before that. I distribute Trickle Tanks and Residual Silver Test Kits. What is a Trickle Tank? It is a 3 part system a reservoir (top bucket ) a restrictor valve/hose (provides the "trickle" ) and a media bucket (metallic filter). The fixer and wash water flows from the reservoir slowly through the media bucket and most of the silver is filtered out. The residual silver test kits allow you to monitor the system so you know when you need to replace the media bucket. Unlike electrolytic systems this type of recovery device does not require you use fixer that has maxed out on its silver capacity, you can if you want, but it is not a requirement. I'd put a price down here but they change from time to time so I don't want to give you a false impression of the price. Email me at silvermagnet@nanianphoto.com. ( or send me a PM here if my inbox isn't full I'll reply ) and I will need your shipping zip code and furnish you with an invoice via PayPal (sorry I don't really accept any other form of payment)... shipping quotes are only valid for 2 weeks because of the volatility of fuel prices.

thanks !