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Thread: 10 greatest living photographers

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    Re: 10 greatest living photographers

    Considering the likely demographics of the members of this forum, maybe the digital and Instax work of social media "influencers" simply doesn't matter.

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    Re: 10 greatest living photographers

    Quote Originally Posted by PRJ View Post
    It won't be long before most of the people mentioned in this thread will be gone.
    Sadly, I just found out that Ndakasi passed away after winning a monumental/landmark copyright case. ... she was probably one of the most important image makers of the last 25 years.
    so I guess im down to 1 (2 ) photographer(s)

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    Re: 10 greatest living photographers

    Quote Originally Posted by Pieter View Post
    In no particular order, and maybe not the "greatest," but photographers whose work I enjoy and respect.

    Elliott Erwitt and Lee Friedlander, though alive but I don't think they're taking many photos now.

    Robert Adams, of course.

    Josef Koudelka

    William Eggleston

    Thomas Struth

    Stephen Vanfleteren

    Rineke Dijkstra

    Andreas Gursky

    Bonus: Sally Mann
    Wow, it took seventeen posts before someone named Robert Adams! Thanks for mentioning, Pieter.

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