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Thread: Soligor Spot sensor II

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    Soligor Spot sensor II

    I got one of these in a lot of other gear I acquired, I didn't expect too much but to my surprise it works. However it consistently reads a stop lower than my Sekonic L-778, which has served me very well so I suspect this one is off. It has a zone VI sticker on it and I've read that they calibrated them differently than normal, is that likely what happened to this one? Or is it possibly dying in some way, I'm trying to decide if I should keep it as a backup or send it down the river. Can these be easily calibrated so it reads the same as my other meter?

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    Re: Soligor Spot sensor II

    Yes, Fred recalibrated the meters. I've have to pull out my Zone VI Newsletters to relay his thinking but, I can assure you that it's normal for a Zone VI modified meter to read about one stop different than anything else. I have a Zone VI modified Pentax Digital Spot meter that reads one stop different when compared to my Sekonic L-558.

    You could check with Richard Ritter ( to see if he works on the Soligor; if you care to have it calibrated to your other meters.

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    Re: Soligor Spot sensor II

    Give Richard Ritter a call. Being a modified meter, he will hopefully be able to calibrate your meter.

    Possibly, you'll see some differences between Zone VI modified meters and non-modified meters if you're metering different colors in the scene. (If so, most of the time it would be partial stops.) However, if you're reading shades of gray, there should be no difference.

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