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Thread: 11x14 ISO-standard film holders

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    11x14 ISO-standard film holders

    I need to acquire some rationally-priced 11x14 film holders that meet current ISO depth standards, either new or used. Any experience-based suggestions, including purchasing information, would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: 11x14 ISO-standard film holders

    Not there is such a thing as rationally priced 11x14 holders. I use Chamonix holders and they work great.

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    Re: 11x14 ISO-standard film holders

    Why not do the right thing and put your desire in WTB?

    I had 5 made about 8 years ago in USA

    China is on a break, but will be back

    Austria may be still in biz

    BTW I know most makers read this forum in morning, but seldom post
    Tin Can

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    Re: 11x14 ISO-standard film holders

    I've ordered three new 11x14 holders from Richard Ritter. He's very pleasant to deal with.

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