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Thread: Historic Millerton Courthouse on fire

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    Historic Millerton Courthouse on fire

    I just heard about this! The fire started in the upper story.
    This, the cavalry blockhouse and the old cemetery are the only remaining features I know of from the County Seat after it was flooded by the waters of Friant Dam. Both the courthouse and cemetery were moved to higher ground above the lakeshore while the blockhouse was rebuilt in Roeding Park
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    Re: Historic Millerton Courthouse on fire

    Oh Gosh. I wished I had lived before the dam. But both your father and mine helped build it. I've traced the old wagon trail up the river in those few portions it still existed, prior to any public access trail like now exists, as well as the old SJ&E narrow-gage line on the opposite side of the Tables. We actually lived on a section of RR grade higher up, had some of its old rail sections as our own cattle guard. Most of the Indian villages were on small flats near springs well above the river itself, so many were not inundated, though I won't disclose their locations. But the great salmon jump, which they so relied on for their annual salmon harvest - the original "Squaw Leap" - is almost never exposed unless Millerton Lk is extremely low. Quite a few gold mines were also in that area. A WWII draft dodger hid out in one of those mines the whole time.
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