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Thread: Add a bail to the back or ???

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    Add a bail to the back or ???

    I have an old Burke & James 5x7 wooden camera and the back springs are very strong. It's difficult to insert a film holder without moving the camera back. I was thinking of adding a bail to open the back or is there a better solution? I have basic tools and possibly less than basic woodworking skills...

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    Re: Add a bail to the back or ???

    Added a bail to the back of my 8x10 B&J Commercial camera in the mid 1970s when I was a student at RIT. Used plain aluminum stock from a hardware store in Rochester. I had only a hacksaw, drill, file and a hammer at the time. Fabricated the bail one evening while watching TV. Go for it. FYI: the springs on the back of that B&J were also overly too strong. The bail made inserting a holder into the back so much easier.

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    Re: Add a bail to the back or ???

    Worked for me. 5x7.

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