Decided that getting back into Large Format was something to do in retirement

I picked up at a yard sale a nice Minolta Auto Spot 1 meter with fitted cover for less than $40 - it looked great.
Put a new battery in it and it works fine - just sat for some time on a shelf.
The one thing I can't figure out is where and how the small light (run by the AA cell) that illuminates the dials in the viewfinder is located.
The instructions say to replace the lamp if the dials are no longer lit up - okay, but how????
I would think with that instruction it would be obvious where the light bulb is.

I took the top off and looked inside - did not see anything, or anywhere, a light bulb would be - however small
I watched a "teardown" video and did not see any light as the assemblies were removed - it might have helped if I could understand Japanese.

Any idea where the light bulb is, and how it is replaced? The AA battery is in there for some reason.