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Sometimes it's more fuss to polish than to simply replace. But yeah, just go to some place like Tap Plastics and pick up the proper polish. They'll know what you need, and have it in stock.
Good ole Tap Plastics! They were a good customer back in the day and when I got into printing my own photographs, I bought all my OP-3 acrylic for mounting from them. In November I decided to replace the ground glass protector on the 810G and brought to them the dark acrylic protector for the MII that the MAC group sold me for $35.00 years ago. They made a duplicate for me while I was there for just $17 and change. https://www.tapplastics.com/product/...storal_kit/629

Tap's "Brillianize" plastic cleaner ($5.85 for an 8oz spray bottle) works like a charm - makes the OP-3 look better than new if that is possible. But I didn't see it on their website.