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Thread: The New Bromoil Workshop

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    The New Bromoil Workshop

    Have you been interested in trying Bromoil printing but been put off by all the challenges that current photographic paper has with the traditional Bromoil process? The New Bromoil Process is now available.

    The New Bromoil Process works with using hand applied liquid emulsion that eliminates the problems with the old traditional bromoil methods. It also uses different inking methods that donít use the old fashioned bromoil brushes. Now, you can create beautiful color images that donít have the characteristic heavy grain that the old method produces.

    One day hands-on workshops are now available in Southern California (I live in Palm Springs) where you will get personal instruction, not just hearing someone talk about it and show you a video. My darkroom is easily large enough for up to 3 people. Youíll get to coat paper, learn about exposing your own silver prints, bleaching the prints, and you will get to ink a bromoil print or two yourself.
    Workshops dates/time are flexible to meet your schedule. Cost is $250 which includes all materials (liquid emulsion, paper, developing chemicals, and inking materials). Bring a friend or two and save for $200 per person. Workshop starts around 9:00 am and runs until finished (about 5:00 pm). I guarantee that you will be surprised how easy and fun this process is.

    If you want a more comprehensive workshop experience for 2 or 3 days, we can discuss that as well.

    Please contact me with questions.

    Dan Dozer
    Email Ė

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    Re: The New Bromoil Workshop

    I attended this workshop by Dan and wholeheartedly recommend it to those interested in bromoil.
    Dan has a lot of experience with bromoil and other alternative processes, and explains the new bromoil process very well.
    The workshop was a full day enjoyably spent in the darkroom learning a new technique and process.

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    Re: The New Bromoil Workshop

    Thanks for the report Doug. Planning on scheduling the next workshop sometime towards the end of January. Contact me for details.

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