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Thread: Competent US Repair Shop

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    Competent US Repair Shop

    Camera Techs, the business I've used for camera repairs in Seattle closed last June. I have a Compur shutter that needs CLA (clean, lube, adjustment). Who do you recommend? I'd prefer Seattle since it's only 100 miles away, but I'll take leads for anyone in the USA.

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    Re: Competent US Repair Shop

    Carol at Flutot's has always treated me very well. Quite often there is a waiting list, so contact them first.
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    Re: Competent US Repair Shop

    Pro Photo here in Washington DC does a great job on servicing mechanical camera gear. I trust them with my Rolleiflexes, and they recently rehabilitated an iris for my Cooke 10.4" Series II. And their turnaround is generally pretty fast - a couple of weeks if they're busy, down to a couple days.

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    Re: Competent US Repair Shop

    In the northwest anyway, Advance Camera Repair in Portland,OR: They're working on an FM2n for me right now, but I don't know if they service LF shutters.

    I can second Carol Miller at Flutot as a competent repair person.


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    Re: Competent US Repair Shop

    I have 2 that I take everything from ancient shutters to new ones mid state camera and zacks both in providence ri, they are honest, do very good work and nice people.

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