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Thread: B&H Thank you

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    B&H Thank you

    I bought a new powerful LED Hot Lamp continuous light

    It was DOA

    Shipped it back to B&H Monday, refund to my account just now

    I will try again

    This house cannot handle Hot Moles, it must be LED

    Thanks B&H

    btw I bought that brand before with no problems and will again
    Tin Can

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    Re: B&H Thank you

    Past few months B&H shipping gets here a lot quicker and better packaged than Amazon.
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    Re: B&H Thank you

    I made the mistake of ordering some picture frames from Amazon... "Ships from Amazon" and "Prime" in item description. Amazon sat on the order for about a week and then shipped it. If it weren't for the streaming content, I wouldn't bother with prime.

    B&H ships same/next day always.

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    Re: B&H Thank you

    B&H has the best order fulfillment and customer service. I've always had a great experience shopping there, online or in person. Unique Photo is great too.

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    Re: B&H Thank you

    I wrote and sent a paper letter to B&H some months ago after receiving another perfectly packed order comprising a number of very different items. I asked that it be put up where the folks who do the packing could see my genuine appreciation for their care and professionalism. Anything I can do to encourage it, I will.
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