My Name is Brent, was the Chief photographer for one of General Dynamics facilities for about a third of my career then same job for one of NASA's Calif. facilities then retired and became the art department chair for a local college. I enjoy using almost any camera, I personally use anything from my beloved Minox B to my 1930's Deardorff V8. I shoot mainly film as I spent over 50 years doing my best to master the art and technique, still learning; not to mention I prefer the look of analog prints to digital prints. Don't get me wrong, I have spent a fortune on digital equipment, just don't enjoy using digital. The difference between digital and analog - I will never need to update my analog equipment. I still use equipment and lenses over 100 years old.

I do have a question, I was once involved in the Leaf Scanner user group, the group moved from one platform to another and have lost track of them. I understand there is a Leaf Scanner Forum/user group on Yahoo. Can anyone send me a link to the Leaf Scanner user group.