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    Broncolor Flash Pack Bonanza

    Broncolor Power Pack Bonanza by Nokton48, on Flickr

    Amazing deals are out there on Olde Broncolor stuff. I wanted some newer packs for the studio, started looking around, I have a lot of Universal Blue Heads of all sorts, they are compatible with more modern Broncolor, but are not fan cooled. This PULSO 2 was their -top of the line- 1600WS pack, has every bell and whistle available. New cost $4,300 I paid $150 on Ebay. Then I walk into "World of Used Photography", and back in their clearance room, are two PRIMO A 1600WS packs ($2,595 each new), and two PRIMO A4 3200WS packs ($2,995 each new). So I buy the packs from Gary for $50 each. Also in the clearance room, I pick up another complete Broncolor Impact 21 300WS Monolight for $12. So now I need some PRIMO A4 heads (rated for 3200WS) to work with the A4 packs, but my old heads fit the PRIMO A 1600WS packs, as well as my new to me Pulso 2. So the point here is that there are some uber good deals to be had out there.
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