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Thread: Model ID Of Kodak/Graflex 5x7 View

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    Model ID Of Kodak/Graflex 5x7 View

    I have a 5x7 view camera which has a rear label saying Made For Kodak By Graflex Inc., but no model number is given. Its backs interchange with a 5x7 B&J, although the aligning pins are smaller. Most of the knobs are tarnished brass, but three knobs appear to be more modern aluminum replacements.

    Looking at pictures and descriptions of the various models of wooden 5x7 Kodak view cameras, mine looks closest to the 2D model. However, mine has locking side shift on the front standard, unlike the several 5x7 2D models I found online. Also, mine uses a 4x4 inch lensboard, not the 4.5x4.5 lensboard that appears to be standard for the wooden Kodak 5x7 models.

    So was there a specific model number for mine, or is it just a 5x7 2D "variant"?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Model ID Of Kodak/Graflex 5x7 View

    Can't really tell, but it sort of looks like a graflex century universal view camera

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    Re: Model ID Of Kodak/Graflex 5x7 View

    John, thanks for the reply. That Century Universal view has more rear movements than mine, plus an adjustable strut.

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