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Really a 20x24 is all I can get out of a 4x5 negative? I've seen 16x20s coming from a 6x7 negative that looks stunning up close.

The lens board will be fine I have to admit the cameras and not that stable I mean it's okay I got it on a good tripod. There's definitely some flex and stuff in the camera but once your shots lined up and you let it sit for a second to make sure there's no vibrations you're fine.

When I get through that lens board is going to fit snug as a bug it won't move a bit, what do you expect for a 350 dollar camera. The cost that I would cost me to ship it back from California to the UK probably about $75 to get a $250 refund hardly worth the trouble. I think for now this camera is going to do maybe another year year and a half I'll switch it out that 210 mm lens is heavy and the camera seems fine.
IDK if 20x24 is all you can get from a 4x5 film, for some people I'm sure, I mean I read people who are kind of excessive and say they refuse to enlarge a 35mm frame bigger than 5x7? it's weird because I know others who print 30x40 out of a 35mm frame. ... it all depends on what YOU want to do. photographers seem to be the only people who put their nose to the glass and inspect grain, I'd venture to say most people don't really care... unless it's part of "the story" so when someone comes into a gallery and might want to buy and eventually, maybe collect they know the story and can talk about it to friends, family and admirers, I know when we owned a gallery we'd tell the story behind the art when people came in off the street and showed an interest. sometimes the story these days is substituted by a 30 second elevator pitch "statement"..
have fun with the camera!