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Thread: Studio Strobe Repair Services

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    Re: Studio Strobe Repair Services

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Davis View Post

    At this point I'm thinking maybe in the spring I'll take a long weekend and drive up to Canada to get KHB to look at them.
    while you are up there you might stop by whistle stop round house, they used to run one of the rock paper scissors international championships.

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    Re: Studio Strobe Repair Services

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Unkefer View Post
    After talking for an hour with Kevin at KHB (he can fix any studio strobe) instead of buying more packs,

    Used Kevin as well in the past when we were both in the Mississauga area near Toronto and pleased with his work.

    He moved to the Welland, Ontario area, so now closer to the USA border.


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    Re: Studio Strobe Repair Services

    I just removed a bunch of posts about other strobe-related questions that were irrelevant to and distracted from the purpose of this thread. A certain amount of thread drift is common and we try not to be heavy-handed about it. But in this case the tangential stuff was becoming dominant and pretty much derailing the thread's (important!) purpose.

    Please carry on - further posts focused on studio strobe repair services will be very much welcome and appreciated.

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    Re: Studio Strobe Repair Services

    Larry at Broncolor Service was very kind, generous with his time, and very patient back in the day, when I had two very olde Broncolor 606's that I wanted bring out of coma. I know that Larry is retired, but according to their website they still offer service. And I see they sell parts, that is very good! I still have the 606's and yes they worked very well at the time. These were 6000ws labeled packs 220 volts only. If you have a Broncolor with issues might be worth it to talk to a technician there.

    Outside the USA its:
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    Flikr Photos Here:

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