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Thread: Rodenstock grandagon-n 75mm f4.5

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    Rodenstock grandagon-n 75mm f4.5

    Hi all,
    This post is to ask some advise on the grandagon n 75mm 4.5.
    I have got the Schneider 72mm XL but I do not use it a lot because it is too big and the diameter filter is huge.
    I would like to replace the 72XL with the grand.75mm.
    My only format is 4x5".
    If I understood well the lens is quite good.
    Would you agree on the change?

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    Re: Rodenstock grandagon-n 75mm f4.5

    I've heard nothing but good things about it. At times I thought about trading in my Fujinon 75mm f5.6 for it -- only because it is a little faster.

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    Re: Rodenstock grandagon-n 75mm f4.5

    Much about image circle and angle of coverage, much less about optical performance.

    From about f11_f16 to f45, both lenses are optical performance identical as could be.. The root and core difference is image circle at f22.
    Used and owned both lenses for quite a number of years now.. These days the 75mm f4.5 Grandagon is used in the Linhof TK23s for 6x9 (virtually no limit on camera movement) and the 72mm f5.6 Super Angulon XL is used with the 5x7 Sinar Norma with baggie bellows as needed.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The 72mm f5.6 SAXL has a spec image circle of 229mm at f22, covers 5x7 with slight camera movement capability (in practice the image circle can be slightly pressed)

    The 75mm f4.5 Grandagon has a spec image circle of 195mm at f22, covers 4x5 with ease. Does "just" enough image circle at f32 for 5x7 direct on, zero camera movement.

    Decide on image circle and need for camera movements, not optical performance as they are ALL more similar than different. Smaller still would be the 75mm f6.8 Grandagon or any number 75mm f8 wide angles from Fujinon, Schneider. Larger full lens aperture does aid in focusing which can be a plus in lower light situations, but the trade-off is a Bigger Lens..


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    Re: Rodenstock grandagon-n 75mm f4.5

    I have the lens and I'm very happy with it. As always, great info from Bernice. If you look around on the internet for a Rodenstock catalogue, you'll find the full specs.

    Rodnstock recommends f/16 to f/22 as working apertures.

    If you want a centre filter...

    With a centre filter, the maximum aperture is f/9 and you lose 1.3 to 1.5 stops of light.

    I have this lens, the 55mm f/4.5 APO-Grandagon and the 90mm f/6.8 Grandagon, which all take a Rodenstock 67mm > 86mm centre filter. The centre filter that I have (Rodenstock 67/86 0.45 ND) covers all three lenses. However, Bob Salomon says that there are more than one version of this centre filter and that not all cover all three lenses. There are a few posts in which he talks about this. Bob also says that Heliopan's 67 > 86 is interchangeable with Rodenstock's own centre filter.
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