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Thread: About Joe Cornish and the scope of the Large Format Photography Forum

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    About Joe Cornish and the scope of the Large Format Photography Forum

    Note: A moderator cut this thread from 6 posts to 1 post because discussion about using a Phase One back or a medium format digital camera plus a view camera to make large format photographs is apparently banned here. The Joe Cornish video is allowed because he focuses on how he made the photograph rather than on the capture device. The rest of the thread was sent to The Lounge: https://www.largeformatphotography.i...-Digital-Backs

    There is discussion about this decision starting at post #2 below. The definition of large format photography has not been revisited here in almost nine years. According to the current definition, Joe Cornish is not a large format photographer and, if he joined this forum, he would be prohibited from discussing his Arca-Swiss view camera and digital back and from posting his photographs. This thread also linked a video by architectural photographer Andrew Latreille, in which he talked about his own Arca-Swiss camera and Phase One back, but it was sent to The Lounge because his video focused on the attributes of the camera.

    I didn't know that landscape photographer Joe Cornish is now using a Phase One digital back. However, that's incidental to the 22 minute video below, in which Cornish talks in detail about the photographic process and his decisions while making a landscape photograph in Scotland's Fisherfield Forest. Discussion about the resulting image from 14:00 to 22:00.

    Camera: Arca-Swiss
    Capture: Phase One XF IQ4 150MP digital back (image resolution 14204 x 10652)*
    Polariser and Graduated Neutral Density Filters: Lee Filters
    Tripod head: Arca-Swiss Cube
    Tripod: Pretty sure Gitzo
    * Photographer Alex Nail, who made the video, provides the Phase One info in the video's comments section.

    Britain's Greatest Landscape Photographer, Joe Cornish, in the field

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