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Thread: Digitizing Prints

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    Re: Digitizing Prints

    You just need a scanning target then it is super easy. For the longest time I used a Mini Color Checker from Gretag but I now use a self made one. Here are both in this image when I was testing out the self made one. Once you have the scan done you just need a levels layer in Photoshop and a few clicks and you are done.... You can also use it for copy work.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Digitizing Prints

    Was the print scanned or photo taken with digital camera? It looks like my 850 pro came with a similar target along with some other software, just not sure how to use such things but looks intriguing. Thanks for the info.

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    Re: Digitizing Prints

    Thanks for all the replies everybody, very helpful.

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    Re: Digitizing Prints

    just curious - is your monitor calibrated?

    as stated before monitor Vs print material can appear often different - but if you scan a print and then look at on various non-calibrated monitors it will almost always appear different
    " The man who invented the camera has a lot to answer for! " Hercule Poirot

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