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Thread: Binocular Pack & Harness Adaptation

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    Binocular Pack & Harness Adaptation

    I recently acquired an enclosed binocular pack from Marsupial Gear for my Swarovski 8.5x42 binos - I quickly came to the conclusion that it could be adapted for use with my 4x5 and ordered a second pack. I use it to hold my light meter, loupe, a couple of extra film holders, etc. The harness holds the pack comfortably in the center of my chest for convenient access. The harness has safety tethers, intended for binoculars, but are terrific for keeping my light meter and loupe tethered to the harness and close at hand. The main compartment securely opens and closes with magnets on the bottom and top of the pack. It has a durable fleece liner, stretch side pockets, a rear mobile phone pocket, a stretch front zippered pocket, and MOLLE attachment on bottom of pack.

    The pack design could easily be adapted to hold whatever a photographer might what to keep handy when creating images. I ordered a "small" pack as I don't want to suffer from "void-a-phobia" and find myself strapped to a 40lb chest anchor. For me, the small holds the key things I want close at hand for quick use. I chose the "enclosed" version to help protect the light meter, loupe, etc from Arizona dust and other outside elements.

    There a lots of companies that make these types of chest packs for binoculars, fly fishing, and other outdoor uses. I'm confident I'm not the first to adapt a chest harness for photography, but it was a new idea to me and I thought I'd share. I choose Marsupial because they are a local company, have innovative designs, and I feel they make high quality products - yes, I'm biased. I have no affiliation with Marsupial other than as a paying customer.
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