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Thread: K.B. Canham Users - 4x5/5x7 Wood Camera

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    Re: K.B. Canham Users - 4x5/5x7 Wood Camera

    totally agree on initial ux, it's not like your traditional triple bed controls. I had to get used to the different swing, shift, and bed locks, but they're second nature (more or less haha) now. I'm getting out of 4x5 so haven't used my Zone VI 4x5 since acquiring the Canham 5x7 (and the reducing back).
    notch codes ? I only use one film...

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    Re: K.B. Canham Users - 4x5/5x7 Wood Camera

    I have had the wooden Canham since 35 years. Mine was a special order with the front accepting Linhof Technika lensboards. There was a slight problem with the Linhof front, but Keith Canham took care of that. I like the camera very much. It is easy to operate once you have lerned to fold and unfold it. It is very light compared to other 5x7” cameras but still very ridgid. Mr. Canham has also taken very good care of our film needs by offering many Kodak films in ordering pools. Top service !

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    Re: K.B. Canham Users - 4x5/5x7 Wood Camera

    I've had the Canham 5x7 metal (MQC) with extra 4x5 back and the Canham 617 motorized back for years now -- it's my own Swiss Army camera...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: K.B. Canham Users - 4x5/5x7 Wood Camera

    Another very satisfied Canham owner here- I have four of them (technically three chassis, but both 5x7 and 5x12 rear standards/bellows sets) - 5x7, 5x12, 8x10 and 14x17. I get how some find them fiddly - the controls are not AS intuitive as a Deardorff. But once you're used to them, they're quite natural. And I'll put in another story about Keith's five-star customer service. I bought my 5x7 used. It's an early model, with a two-digit serial number (570xx). When I bought it, it still had the original back on it. I was probably the third or fourth owner of the camera. I was testing it out and the flange around the back split. Keith drop-shipped me a new back under warranty.

    Every time I've called, I've spoken directly with Keith, and he has been very helpful and friendly about any question or issue I might have. He got my front standard on my 5x7 switched from a Linhof to a Toyo standard because I had a lens I wanted to use that wouldn't fit on a Linhof board. I called him on a Wednesday about it - he had the part in my hands by Saturday, even though he was going on vacation on that Thursday.

    And his cameras are quite robust - I've taken my 5x7/5x12 with me to California, Argentina, Michigan and Pennsylvania. It will go with me next year to Mexico. I can't say enough good about his cameras.

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    Re: K.B. Canham Users - 4x5/5x7 Wood Camera

    I concur with the positive comments about Keith Canham's excellent customer service and direct interactions. I bought a 5x7 metal MQC camera plus 4x5 reducing back and have had a very good experience with both the products and their maker. The metal MQC is a great 5x7 metal field camera, one of the few of recent manufacture. Unfortunately, Keith related that the cost of CNC-machining parts for this camera had risen so much that the camera was no longer practical to make and market - I'm just glad that I was able to get an MQC 57 and spare 4x5 reducing back in 2021 while the parts inventory lasted.

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    Re: K.B. Canham Users - 4x5/5x7 Wood Camera

    Hi Jeffrey,
    I have owned several Canham LF cameras. Keith make very sturdy well designed cameras. He is an engineer and you can tell from his design. Yes, it takes a little learning curve, but after a day or two it will be easy.
    If you get the woody, with both backs(4x5 & 5x7) you will have two cameras in one!
    Light and easy to pack.

    You will not regret it!

    I have attached photos of my current Canham 4x5.

    J Durr

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: K.B. Canham Users - 4x5/5x7 Wood Camera

    Bought a 12x20 second hand and had a few questions. Keith has been very responsive on my questions and always replied quickly with accurate info. His customer service is top notch! The operation of his camera is different from my Chamonix, but not difficult to handle at all. Look forward to taking the camera to field soon!

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    Re: K.B. Canham Users - 4x5/5x7 Wood Camera

    Knowing that Keith and his exemplary customer service is behind his products is a wonderful thing and as a result I use my three wooden Canham Cameras (8x20, 8x10 and 5x7/4x5) consistently throughout the year. After a short time as has been mentioned several times, the controls are second nature in the field. I rub a little past wax on it a couple of times a year including the gears and it keeps it shiny and functional. Bravo!


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