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Thread: Creo Oxygen software on iMac or Mac mini, possible?

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    Creo Oxygen software on iMac or Mac mini, possible?

    Is it possible to run the Creo Oxygen scan software on an iMac or Mac mini? It is specifically mentioned that iMac's and Mac minis won't work, but still I got it to install and it seems to communicate with the scanner. I can give the scanner commands and it listens. But the main scanning software comes up with an error and it won't start. And also I have a failure in the optics check while it seems that the optics work properly in diagnostics and calibration mode. your thoughts?

    what is exactly that the software requires from the PC and it's only a Mac Pro or power pc that it likes?

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    Re: Creo Oxygen software on iMac or Mac mini, possible?

    I have it running on a mac mini. You have to be careful about the OS versions. Call Scan Solutions. They have everything you need.

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    Re: Creo Oxygen software on iMac or Mac mini, possible?

    I've been running it with an original Mac Mini for several years. Ran it with an old MacBook for a couple of years before that. It needs an older version of the operating system and you'll need a Mini that's old enough to have a Firewire port. I'm thinking of hunting around for another old Mini so I have something in case the current system goes belly up.

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