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Thread: DeVere 108 A/F Dichromat - Questions

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    Question DeVere 108 A/F Dichromat - Questions

    Hello LF world,

    Looking to see if anyone has any information on this enlarger system.
    I recently came into possession of a 1981 Devere 10” x 10” 108 A/F Enlarger.

    It was owned by a local college then passed along to a local camera shop which in turn handed it off to me. It seems to be complete - mostly needing a 220 power source to get it all going. It came with negative carriers, mixing boxes, voltage regulators, power transformers, etc.

    I’ve ordered a manual from a company in Canada so I’m assuming that should cover a lot of my questions but was looking to see if anyone has any information they’d like to share/first-hand experience with these machines.

    I feel as though I may convert the head light source to LED and find a workaround to power the chassis motor so it could be “simplified”.

    Before I get into that process however, I’m looking to get a sense of what I have ahead.
    I’ve read most of the other forum posts and see a lot of the specs.
    Looking more for anecdotal advice from those who have used this setup before.

    I’ll try contacting Odyssey with my questions as well - as I see that’s highly recommended.

    I have the space for it and will be setting up a community focused color darkroom over the winter.
    We will likely mostly use a Chromega Dichroic 4x5 enlarger and Colenta Processor in that space but obviously would be more than interested in using this for 8x10 enlargement if possible.

    Thanks in advance for any info you would be willing to share!

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    Re: DeVere 108 A/F Dichromat - Questions

    Hi, I have converted similar one to LED's using 8 pcs 30W 220V COB-LED elements. With this solution I did not need to use any transformer. I have some photos somewhere in this forum.
    Henry Valtonen, Helsinki
    8x10" landscapes

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