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Thread: Enlarged negatives - duping, etc

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    Enlarged negatives - duping, etc

    I'm wanting to finally try enlarging my 4x5 and Hasselblad negs to larger 8x10 as I'm intending to do hand masking, etc for creative purposes. I do know that ortho was a good option for this process, though I'm still stumped on what the best overall process is. I've tried to find a kind of 'step-by-step' process though haven't really found this. Heard of people using ortho, lith and even x-ray films for the task. Can anyone chime in for a beginner in this process - i.e for suitable film selection, developers, timing, etc? Kindly note the outcome will be for straight ahead black and white printing/enlarging - not alt process.

    Say hi and would love to hear your workflows!!


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    Re: Enlarged negatives - duping, etc

    Very simple conceptually

    Practice will help

    I use X-Ray as I have plenty

    Make test strips as usual, develop like any film

    I like doing this process, as I can make huge negs, from tiny format
    Tin Can

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    Re: Enlarged negatives - duping, etc

    Some of us already answered on a different forum. Good luck to you.

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