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Thread: Unidentified Stereo Thornton-Pickard!

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    Exclamation Unidentified Stereo Thornton-Pickard!

    Hi! I'm a new member I just got into possession of a collection of about 40 large format cameras. I'm having a lot of fun checking them out one by one. But there is one that I can't find anywhere. I usually use the following website to find the models but none of them seem to match mine on here:

    Any Thorntorn-Pickard experts here to help me identify it? All I know is it's a stereo. I just see written "Time & Inst. Patent. Thornton-Pickard".

    Thank you!

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    Re: Unidentified Stereo Thornton-Pickard!

    I have the impression this is a Thornton-Pickard shutter used to make a stereo camera. That back just doesn't fit the shutter in style and material.
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    Re: Unidentified Stereo Thornton-Pickard!

    Yep this is a clever homebrew stereo camera. Using the Thorton Pickard shutter would work well I assume since it's a single slit focal plane shutter.

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    Re: Unidentified Stereo Thornton-Pickard!

    Thank you! That does make sense. I was starting to think that as well but it was built so well I couldn't believe it! I found this Thornton-Pickard brochure, on page 10 it looks like you can buy that stereoscopic shutter

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