I wanted to check in and say hello after a few years of lurking and plundering the archives here because I've just bought a Century Graphic and and 6x9 roll film back and I expect to have questions. I realize that "plunge" might be a bit of an overstatement for someone moving from 6x6 to 6x9, but there you go.

Since I do a lot of lens flipping on old box cameras (and enjoy a certain amount of controlled distortion in my images), my first interest with the Century Graphic is to try several old lenses scavenged from junker cameras, taking advantage of the ground glass to solve the focusing problem. I expect later to embrace quality lenses, and plan to buy lenses that will cover 4x5 in order to -- eventually -- dip a toe in the 6x12 format. Only time will tell if this is all just a slow progression to straight-up 4x5 work.

As a longtime APUG/Photrio member, I know how helpful dedicated forums can be, and appreciate that this one exists.

All best --Clifton