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Thread: Replacement ground glass for MPP MicroPress

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    Replacement ground glass for MPP MicroPress

    Hello all

    Please be gentle as this is my first post in the forum.

    By way of background, I have been shooting 35mm and medium format for around 6 years. I have also started acquiring darkroom gear, and I have been printing mainly 8x10 B & W prints for around 3 months or so, I develop my own black and white film.

    I recently decided to try 4x5 a go, as I recently inherited a Schenider Componon-S 150mm f5.6 lens and Combi-Plan T daylight tank, it seemed a waste to not use these tools. Ctein seems to think highly of the 150mm lens also.

    I recently purchased the following MPP MicroPress from evilbay for 220: It seemed like quiet a good deal, as the job lot came with the (allegedly) sought after MPP Polyfocus, 12 darkslides and expired Fuji Astia 100. The plan is to offload the expired film on ebay as I mainly shoot B & W.

    The parcel came today, and after cleaning the lens elements and messing around with lighter fluid/naptha, the shutter seems to work perfectly. The bellows seem just fine, all movements seem ok etc. The only problem I have with the camera is that the fresnel ground glass screen is missing (wasn't shown in the pictures) and the back which covers the ground glass doesn't stay in place as one of the clips is missing.

    I am not bothered about the ground glass cover not working, I intend to use the MPP for landscapes, I will use a dark cloth to cover the fresnel screen.

    However, I would like to know if it is possible to buy a new replacement ground glass? I know that the MPP MicroPress was a copy of the speed graphics, could I buy a ground glass for the speed graphic and use that?

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    Re: Replacement ground glass for MPP MicroPress

    If the MPP user's club is still active, it should be a good place to start research. I have a MPP technical camera, but the differences between the two models might make any advice I can give useless. The excellent Mike Butkus site may have a users manual for your model.

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    Re: Replacement ground glass for MPP MicroPress

    The MicroPress is a Pacemaker Speed Graphic made under license. Yours has a spring back. Measure the size of the recess that accepts the ground glass, then get one that fits. Contact vendors on, e.g.,, and ask them what they can do for you.

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