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Thread: Banff and Jasper in mid Sept. 2022

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    Re: Banff and Jasper in mid Sept. 2022

    Banff and Canmore are fine. There are no fires in the vicinity. The only problem is the smoke from the fires in the interior of BC is hanging in the mountain valleys depending on the wind direction. We had smoke from those fires in Calgary today. The haze was annoying and there was a heavy smoke smell and the horizons visually impacted. Rain and cool weather is expected for the next two days so that should help quell the fires in the mountains.

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    Re: Banff and Jasper in mid Sept. 2022

    I talked to a friend yesterday who just returned from hiking there. Lots of dead pines there too, making the area susceptible to fire. One active fire. No telling until it gets consistently rainy again. Very crowded and limited parking in the most popular spots, but relatively quiet just a short distance in, along the trails per se.

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    Re: Banff and Jasper in mid Sept. 2022

    I'm currently at Icefields. Not as many people as I thought. Ha, it may have to do with NPS shut down most of the campgrounds at Jasper NP as of of Sept 5th...take a pick between no power and fires. I didn't count, but it had to be over a dozen shut down....that's a lots of folks that will likely not be in Jasper town. The power is back on and I saw few places still smoldering, but the drizzle put a damper on it. Since you are not dependent on campgrounds, you should be OK.

    The vapor clouds kind of changed the scenery here at Icefields....and hoping for the same in the morning. Instead spending my $'s in Jasper I'll go to Kamloops, instead.

    On occasion I noticed there is real life outside the GG/viewfinder.

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    Re: Banff and Jasper in mid Sept. 2022

    Just returned from my trip to Banff and Jasper with some 30 exposed 810 FP4 negatives.

    A few things to mention:

    1. I had no problem at Santa Ana airport asking for hand inspections of my films. The same request caused some delay at Calgary airport on my flight back. They insisted on opening the boxes to see what was inside and I insisted that they could not. After some back and forth, they asked their supervisor and finally they used the swiping method for explosives.

    2. Moraine Lake parking lot was usually full by 3 am and we got up at 3:30 and got a spot at Lake Louis parking at 5 am. Both lakes are nice, but I think they are overrated with big crowds all the time. I had better time at Herbert Lake, Emerald Lake and Bow Lake as well as Payto Lake. Vermilion Lake at dawn was also very nice. It is very important to get up early and arrive at these places before 8 or 8:30. 5:00 PM Premium Spirit Island cruise was quite nice as you had 30 minutes to get off the boat and set up your camera for the picture.

    3. I was the only one using a view camera and the 810 drew curiosity from people like a magnet.

    4. My mostly used lens is a 210mm lens (80%) followed by a Cooke 311mm lens. No use of long lenses.

    5. I wish I could spend 3-4 weeks to explore this place.

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    Re: Banff and Jasper in mid Sept. 2022

    Hugo, do come back with more time. Even just before 2020 visitation was more calm. In the last several years the places that are known have become unmanageable like black friday shopping line ups. And Bow, Emerald, Moraine just scratch the surface of the Canadian Rockies.

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