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Thread: Owens Valley Gathering/Workshop

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    Owens Valley Gathering/Workshop

    Iím working on getting together a gathering of photographers of all types! It doesnít matter if you shoot digital or film your welcome to come! Meet some new people and possibly see some old friends you havenít seen in a while!!!

    We will be exploring the following areas:

    Owens Valley
    Lone Pine
    Bodie Ghost Town
    Alabama Hills
    Mt. Whitney
    Convict Lake
    Mammoth Mountain area
    Bristle Cone Pine Ancient Forest

    Not in this particular order of course just to give you a general idea of what we will be doing!

    This is a FREE gathering except for you will have to cover your cost to get there and around the areas we will explore!

    I think it would be nice to have some people to car pool to save money for everyone especially with gas prices being so high right now but hopefully prices will go down by this time!

    We do have an option for renting a cabin at convict lake that can hold up to 35 people if people are interested in doing that! We could use it for a big dinner and maybe some exchanges of ideas or doing some presentations on different alternative processes???

    Iím working on some special guests as well but nothing has been set in stone as of yet!!!

    If you are new to film photography or you use a digital camera but always wanted to learn or see large format or ultra large format photographers then youíre more than welcome to come join the group!

    I will be bringing my F&S 12x20 along with a few other large format cameras!!!

    Iím currently working on some new images with my Century Studio 8x10!

    If I can maybe I will bring it with me so we can do some portraits of the participants???

    Iím also working on some ultra large format as wellÖ.

    Please send me a message or post a reply on hereÖ

    Dates are to be determined and I might be going to Yosemite before the workshop/gatheringÖ.

    Thanks and I hope everyone is doing well!!!

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    Re: Owens Valley Gathering/Workshop

    Here’s an update on the dates of the gathering/workshop

    I’m going to be in Yosemite National Park starting October 5,6,7 and leaving October 8th to head to Virginia Creek Settlement! Should arrive around 12pm or earlier depending upon weather and if I decide to stop to do some photography….

    The gathering will be the following dates October 9-12! That’s four days of photography and meetups!

    I have not worked out a schedule yet but I’m working on it… best light is early in the morning and later in the afternoon at Bodie!

    I’m going to post links to the places where we will stay and places where we can all go as a group or individually!

    I’m also thinking of Aspen Campground as a group place to do some photography!

    I know that the Aspens should have some amazing colors at that time of the year!


    I’m not sure if Mammoth Mountain area has an actual website so maybe someone else could chime in and post a link???

    I have been there a few times but it was only to mammoth lake!

    I know that you don’t particularly need a 4 wheel drive vehicle but driving to Bodie the road is a little rough unless they have paved it all the way to the actual town???

    You can come every day or just a few it’s up to you!

    The closer it gets to the dates and from time to time I will post any updates that I have…

    Let’s us all have a great time and enjoy some photography with others! Meet some new people and make some friends!

    I would love to continue doing this every year if at all possible!

    Per Volquartz started this years ago and we all always had a great time!!!

    If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to send me a PM!

    I’m going to bring my Jumbo Harrison tent for others to use for loading and unloading sheet film… I will also bring my Ilford POPUP Darkroom Tent….

    Wet plate photographers or any others are welcome to come!!!

    Thanks for your interest


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    Re: Owens Valley Gathering/Workshop

    Forgot to add this

    October 2023! Not 2022!

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    Re: Owens Valley Gathering/Workshop

    An update for everyone!

    I hope everyone had a great time with their family and friends for the holidays and a safe new year!!!

    I’m currently working on a schedule and map to the places we are going to be photographing….this is going to take me a little time… but I will email it to everyone once you have provided me with your email address for those of you who are going to attend….

    If your going to be in Yosemite like I will be on October 5-8 I will be camping either at Lower Pines, Upper Pines or Camp 4 but I have to wait to make the reservations in a few months…Camp 4 is a first come first serve campground…. So more than likely one of the other campgrounds is where my group will be staying…. I’m trying to get a big enough campsite to accommodate more tents but I have to follow the rules of the park…. I believe four tents might be the max… not sure 100%

    I will have at least four people in my party…. I already reserved a spot at Virginia Creek Settlement for my group!

    Everyone is responsible for their own reservations so if you’re going to make it please do so early…. There are plenty of other places to stay nearby in Bridgeport,Ca and camping located close by as well…

    I’m still thinking that Convict Lake will be the last place we all meet at… I’m still trying to rent a cabin so we all can meet up for a dinner together… most likely will be Friday 13th, October 2023!!! If I’m able to rent a big enough cabin for everyone the price will need to be split between everyone who stays at this cabin…. Everyone can check the links in the above post to see the cost of renting a cabin at Convict Lake….

    At Virginia Creek Settlement they have an upstairs family area for gatherings at night which I’m going to be arranging for print sharing and discussions…

    Everyone please read the following about Virginia Creek Rules: just click on the link:

    I want everyone to have a great experience and enjoy making images they can be proud of…please ask any questions you may have….

    Send me a PM with any questions or concerns….

    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting new people…

    I will add updates as I can…

    Take care!


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    Re: Owens Valley Gathering/Workshop

    Interested...will PM you soon!

    BTW...I hooked up with Per V's group in Zion in 2004 - had a great time!

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    Re: Owens Valley Gathering/Workshop

    You might find these two websites helpful in addition to what you have. I will be returning from a photo event in the Southwest around this time but will try to show up...I will PM you.

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