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Thread: 4x5 Plus-X Aerographic 2402

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    Re: 4x5 Plus-X Aerographic 2402

    5 Inch 2402 Aero PX ADOX Borax 240 Tele Xenar by Nokton48, on Flickr

    5 inch Kodak Aero 2402 Plus-X cut down to 4x5. Plaubel Makiflex, Linhof Glass Plate Holder, ADOX Borax MQ developer just mixed up, 8x10 Arista #2 RC print. Omega DII laser aligned with 180mm black Rodagon, Multigrade developer. This 2x3 240mm Tele-Xenar I have not used much at all. F5.6 or F8 so not much DOF in this closeup. Next I will try D23 1:1 as I know that works well with 2402
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