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Thread: D2 lens cone question

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    D2 lens cone question

    I use a diffusion head on my D2.

    As I recall, the recommended lens cone for a 150mm lens is longer than the 3" one for a 135, which is what I have. If were to get a 150, it seems that I could simply mount it on the one I have, the only difference then being that I would need the extra 15mm of bellows draw to achieve the same enlargement size. At approximately full-frame, for an 8x10 my 135 is extended such that the bellows has another 40 or mm to go before hitting the rail stop.

    Am I missing something here?
    Philip Ulanowsky

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    Re: D2 lens cone question

    Hard to say. On my ole D2, the extended cone worked fine for even my preferred 180mm lens. But I no longer use that setup.

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    Re: D2 lens cone question

    5) D-2, Lens Board Retainer Sets, 2 in a set D2-LBR $40.00
    6) D-2, Flat Lens Board for 50-105 mm lens D2-FLB $50 & $60
    7) D-2, Lens Cones, 2.75 inches for 135 mm D2-LC1 $90.00
    8) D-2, Lens Cones, 4.5 inches for 150 mm, new, special made D2-LC2 $90.00

    ... but I was always under the impression that the cone for 135 would work for 150. I gave mine away a while ago so cannot verify.

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