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Thread: what bright! LED bulbs are you using inside a softbox?

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    Re: what bright! LED bulbs are you using inside a softbox?

    I have a very old Mole Richardson fresnel. It's good for warming tortillas, and setting fire to things.
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    Re: what bright! LED bulbs are you using inside a softbox?

    Yikes, Moles, I've worked with so much of those. I still have a burn mark next to my left nipple on one. I worked in LARGE bedroom/bathroom sets. We had carpenters make a room and then we setup so many lights. So many moles. About 20-30 each set. The entire floor loft in NYC would get so HOT!!!

    Then we had long exposures like minutes and if you happen to be walking by, you need to stop in your tracks. These were the days we were shooting 8x10 Deardorffs and Calumet's cause the art directors would give us full sized drawings on acetate and we had to make it exactly like it so the acetate would be taped on the back of an 8x10, light the sucker up, and move furniture/toilets/towels, whatever to fit. Cause it was 1:1 ratio in print. Ahhh, good old days before digital.

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