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Thread: How To Create Dense & Contrasty Film Negs For Alt Prints?

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    Re: How To Create Dense & Contrasty Film Negs For Alt Prints?

    I've generally used Efke 25 for years for my carbon prints. As Jim Noel says, and you can bank on his advice, a full scale negative is what I shoot for. Generally I'm at 1.8 to 2.5 DR. I develop in Pyrocat HD 2:2:100. I wish I could fins some more of this film because if you need expansion it will expand like no other. Don't use HP5 use FP-4 for sure otherwise you are wasting time and money. Take the advice of some great photographers here answering your question and get on with it. Good luck.

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    Re: How To Create Dense & Contrasty Film Negs For Alt Prints?

    HP5 can be used for alt processes, as long as you develop it in a high contrast developer like D-19, or DK-50 (thanks to Vaughn's suggestion several years ago). I've tested it in both and was able to easily make excellent carbon prints. Yes, there are easier films to use such as FP4, but I happen to prefer HP5's look, particularly in the shadows. If they still made EFke 25, I'd be all over that film. That's a tough one to beat!

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    Re: How To Create Dense & Contrasty Film Negs For Alt Prints?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cor View Post
    FWIW when I occasionally use 8*10 for pure Platinum printing I expose and process in Xtol for normal silver gelatine, if I like the image enough for platinum, I bleach the neg and re-develop in PyrocatHD and print it in platinum. It works but it is a a bit of a hassle, but I do this rarely.

    good luck,


    Cor, that might work OK for Pt, but it won't give enough contrast for a good salt print.

    Btw, when we meet later this year (probably September-ish?), please do bring along a few of your Pt prints!! I'd love to see them.

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