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Thread: Open Call - Camera Clara Prize

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    Open Call - Camera Clara Prize

    Sir, Madam,
    I am pleased to announce that the applications for the Camera Clara Prize are open until July 17th.

    The award aims to promote a singular expression favoured by the use of the large format camera, true homage to compositon and time. It is open to all photographers, without any limitation due to nationality, gender, age or background.

    It awards a previously unpublished work of authorship; presented in a series or photographic ensemble allowing it to be judged for the coherence of both it’s form and content.

    The award consists of a 6,000 euros cash prize and the production of the work awarded exhibition. The show should be held in a place dedicated to photography.
    The Jury Prize for Photo Camera Clara consists of personalities from the world of art.

    All information :

    Feel free to spread the open call.

    Sincerely yours,
    Audrey Bazin
    Directrice artistique

    Someone forwarded the above to me so posting here...not sure this is the correct subforum – Other than having to get your cv translated into French, it seems like a straightforward application process...
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