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Thread: 180mm for Portraiture

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    Re: 180mm for Portraiture

    Great job!
    “You often feel tired, not because you've done too much, but because you've done too little of what sparks a light in you.”
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    Re: 180mm for Portraiture

    Very good model




    Quote Originally Posted by AidanAvery View Post
    Following up here.

    Daniel, not a bad idea to look for a congo at the shorter focal length. That is something I might consider down the road if I don't end up finding a Xenar.

    I had the wonderful experience of using a virtual drum scanner for the first time yesterday. I scanned the negatives that I'd shot with the Prinz. I am really happy with the results, both from the lens and the scanner. Finally seeing the negatives inverted and scanned in such high resolution has been a great learning experience about shooting with my new (and first) large format camera.

    I am not familiar with the best way to share images on this forum, but I'll just try attaching them to the post and see how it likes it.

    EDIT: The images are being significantly compressed when I upload directly to the post. Any tips on the best way to share them here to avoid such drastic compression?

    EDIT: Figured it out, I think.

    Tin Can

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    Re: 180mm for Portraiture

    Result !!!

    Nice images shared, plenty "sharp", note the tonality and how the in to out of focus areas render in these images. IMO, this 210mm "Prinz (ala Congo-Yamasaki)" lens fits your portraits good in many ways.

    Strive on, your best images are yet to happen.


    Quote Originally Posted by AidanAvery View Post
    Figured it out! Images above.

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    Re: 180mm for Portraiture

    Very nice results, Aidan. Reminds me of a favorite “junk lens” I often use, a 5x7 Gundlach Radar.

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