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Thread: Schneider Tele-Xenar 270mm f5.5

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    Re: Schneider Tele-Xenar 270mm f5.5

    270mm tele xenar should easily have enough image circle at 4x5 for head/shoulder portraits at full aperture (f5.5) or stopped down.

    Down to two tele xenars, 360mm (owned/used for decades on 6x9 often to 5x7 rare) and a 500mm f5.5 in barrel used with a Sinar shutter on 5x7. Never disappointed with their image results. No reasons to use the tele xenar at f5.5, optically optimum between f8 to f16, once past f22 the optical performance begins to degrade.

    This is the tech sheet from Schneider for the 360mm f5.5 Tele Xenar.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	360mm_TeleXenarTC003.jpg 
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    Info on the Tessar design:

    Primary reason for any telephoto design view camera lens is reduction of camera and bellows draw for an effective longer lens focal length.

    Only way to know if the tele xenar works for you, try it and use it lots.

    Exception of the Tele Xenars, APO process lenses like the APO ronar have remained the favored for longer than normal focal length lenses requiring image recording aperture of f16 and smaller. Majority of these APO process lenses here are in barrel as they have a proper round iris. Ones used with the Linhof TK23s are in older shutters like the Compur with a round iris.

    Yes indeediee on so many LF view camera folks today put lens/camera size and weight at the top of their list while ignoring the other factors SO important to LF view camera image making. It all remains a set of trade offs with none as absolute ideal for all.


    Quote Originally Posted by 6x6TLL View Post
    Hi Bernice,

    Pics attached. The APO Ronar was in barrel.

    Iíve been wanting to pick up something more aimed at portraiture, yet still useable for landscapes or general photography (when stopped down). Since portraits donít typically call for much movements, I hope the Tele-Xenar will be ok. It was reasonably priced.

    Xenar as well as APO Ronar are both on my shortlist, all my Rollei lenses are Schneider and Iím very pleased with their performance, despite all my other LF lenses being Rodenstock.

    I already have a APO Sironar S in 210mm so was hoping for something 300mm or slightly more, again more suited to portraits.

    From what Iíve seen itís quite common to choose lenses based on weight (and size), especially for hiking or portability. But Iím still new to LF and learning every day.

    What kind of formula is the Tele-Xenar, tessar?

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    Re: Schneider Tele-Xenar 270mm f5.5

    I've just traded my 270mm Tele-Xenar for some other glass to a fellow photographer. The guy has spine problems and avoids heavy gear. Besides, he needs a back-up shutter for his 270mm Dagor, and the Tele-Xenar's dial-set Compur is of the same size.

    Myself, I keep my 270mm Tele-Arton of the very first (Thorium glass) generation which is WAY better in sharpness and in color rendition and in the out of focus background rendition, too. Though the Tele-Arton is quite a bit heavier and costly.

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    Re: Schneider Tele-Xenar 270mm f5.5

    Next question - anyone know what kind of lens board I need for this?

    It's a Compur shutter, as far as I can tell one of 3 in the same series: Compur 2-X 5/I; 5/II; or 6/II (type # CN-1408-012/013/015).

    My camera is an Arca Swiss, with 110mm lens boards. Any idea what size hole this lens & shutter calls for?


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