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Thread: Ries quick release

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    Ries quick release

    I just got a wonderful Ries A tripod, and head. In the past im use to using a quick release set up on my last tripod. Just wondering about a larger base model that I can use on this head without giving up any stability.

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    Re: Ries quick release

    With my 11x14 on top of my Ries:
    Kessler Crane Kwik Release Receiver
    Kessler Crane Kwik Utility Plate
    Camera is rock solid atop the Ries, and the Release Receiver has double locks (Push Button Drop-Gate Release &
    Locking Lever for Securing the Plate) - video shows it all

    note... the video shows a much smaller Plate

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    Re: Ries quick release

    I switched to a Luland head (you can find them on eBay). I think mine is the LD115. I prefer it to the Ries head I got. It is a bit larger, but the quick release system works well and you get the big platform support when used on that head, but can still use it on other Arca Swiss style heads, if you have another tripod or studio stand with that standard. I also think that the quality of the components and smoothness are better from the Luland. I appreciate Ries and think they make a good product, but in this case I think the industrial machining in China yields a smoother, better product. I did not have the Ries for more than a month or two before the pin holding the flat metal arms (not sure what they are called) popped out, dropping tons of tiny washers on the grass and rendering the head inoperable. I picked up as many as I could find and put the pin back in place and taped the sides. Of course, Ries offered to fix it, but for me in Iceland it is a slow expensive trip, so I have stuck with a very strong cloth tape on either side to hold it in place. I now use the head as backup. My feeling of the Luland is that it is smoother and a lot easier to use, as you do not have lift the tripod head up to reach under the head to screw in the camera, and then tilt it back to level. This was tricky to do, especially with gloves on in winter. The quick release top on the Luland is faster and does not require you lift the head up at all. The screw is still a bit tight under the camera, but overall it is easier and more efficient. The downside to the head is that the metal supports stick out more, so the head takes up more space in the bag, but it still fits in the Ries tripod bag I have.

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