Hello everyone,

My name is Sergio Santa and I'm 39, dividing my time between Lisbon, Brussels and a small village in Wallonia in the south of the Belgium.

I have plunged in LF photography since 2 years now.

The more I swim in these waters, the more I want to stay.

My background in architecture paved me the way - a normal course of action you may say - but also my obsession for rigour and the desire to slow things down.

Working with a SINAR Norma in 4x5 and looking forward (in time) for bigger formats in an attempt to improve my contact sheet processing and alternative development, namely gumoil and palladium/platinum printing processes.

A small example of my work so far (sorry for the bad quality if the scan).
Click image for larger version. 

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Anxious to participate in this forum,