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Thread: Hello from Montreal!

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    Re: Hello from Montreal!

    Welcome from another Montrealer.

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    Re: Hello from Montreal!

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! Someone asked what type of work I enjoyed, for large format, I would say mostly landscape and architectural! One photographer who's work I just recently discovered and very much enjoy is Ben Horne ( but in general I appreciate pretty much all type of photography! I can certainly appreciate portrait photography but don't think I'd ever want to pursue it myself as it involves way too much social interactions for my liking haha, the idea of a calm, lonely landscape is a lot more appealing to me

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    Re: Hello from Montreal!

    This is a great place to learn
    From an ex Montrealer

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    Re: Hello from Montreal!

    Greeting from N.H. Wonderful and smart people in this group.

    R. Dionne
    Principal Unix System Engineer, Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems

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