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Thread: Yet another ULF Camera and cart

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    Re: Yet another ULF Camera and cart

    These are great ideas. I can't wait to see all of this. As a 14x17 shooter it is interesting.

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    Re: Yet another ULF Camera and cart

    Any bike wheel bearing needs oiling

    I mounted the 5/8" threaded axle in these pillow blocks for better rolling and sturdy alignment

    I used these eye hooks' to mount the pillow blocks which also give 4 tie downs

    They have drip oiling with covers

    I used these collets to keep the wheels on with a ends

    The 2 wheels are rated 150lbs each

    Quote Originally Posted by Tin Can View Post
    I will post here and elsewhere axle and Pillow Block parts as they should make it stronger, longer lasting tool later today

    If I can will bolt down the camera and get it at least to my porch for more pics
    Tin Can

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