I will be flying to UK from Schiphol (the small and over-busy Dutch capital-city airport) in a fortnight, the ability to get film and paper hand-checked at the Dutch airport (they use the 'new' type of hand-baggage scanner) is officially nil. The airport in UK would do hand-checks if there is no work-pressure on the security bods. Both Schiphol and the UK airport advise arrival at least three to four hours before departure, as there is a (permanent) staff shortage at airports in Europe.

The result is that I have ordered medium-format film and smallish paper online from UK suppliers, to be delivered to the address over there, and will take dry powder chemicals with me. A relative has (long unused) development and enlargement stuff though I have had to also order chem-bottles and trays which I will leave behind in case of another visit. At the very least I should be able to process negs and bring them back, with possibly a few prints for relatives thrown in.

Interestingly, the attempts at finding a supplier with everything actually in stock (only 120 HP5+ and some MGV paper) were almost unsuccessful. Maybe after the last couple of years many UK shops are content with delivery-times of a month or more, but the stock position is certainly worse than over here in NL.