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Thread: Canham DLC45 Bellows Damage

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    Question Canham DLC45 Bellows Damage

    Hey everyone, I've come into a Canham DLC45 with some damaged bellows. Apparently the previous, and now deceased owned, didn't fold it up correctly.

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    Now, when I use these bellows there appears to be no interruption (light loss) because of the bend, and it seams the only difficulty i have is when the bellows are compressed for a 75mm Nikkor it had on it - the bend gets in the way of the lens. I can focus, but It's not easy.

    I've found how to fold it properly and I'm hoping the bellows will slowly go back to the way they should be - or is there something I need to be doing to help that. There are no pinholes, no rips or tears, just those bends.

    Also -the thing is like an erector set and I'm finding parts loose all over the board. Any advice on finding the allen wrenches for this thing. It needs to be lubed up too.

    Basically any advice is welcome, I'm trying my best to work with this camera that has plopped into my life.

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    Re: Canham DLC45 Bellows Damage

    Ask Keith Canham.

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    Re: Canham DLC45 Bellows Damage

    Shamefully, I assumed he was no longer around. I'm getting used to finding dead ends and un-updated sites. I apologize and have reached out directly to him on Facebook. Lesson learned there!

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    Re: Canham DLC45 Bellows Damage

    If Keith doesn’t answer promptly (I’m sure he will, he is very responsive) re-post and I will check my notes for the Allen key sizes. They are all small metric sizes (IIRC three sizes cover everything) and everything on the camera is easy to tighten up. As for the bellows, once straightened out they should be fine for your 75mm as long as you don’t need any movements. If you need any movements you will need the bag bellows. I automatically switch to the bag bellows when using my 80mm, it just makes everything easier.

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    Re: Canham DLC45 Bellows Damage

    Keith Canham offers what he calls "tune ups." I think it runs $100 more or less. There's tight and then there's tight, and when properly adjusted things like the sliding parts the secure the front lens board are much easier to use. Some of the fasteners seem to have a thread locker on them so you might need a torch if you DIY.

    I agree if you fold it properly the bellows will probably recover.

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    Re: Canham DLC45 Bellows Damage

    That looks like a huge bellows for a 75mm lens. Unless you are doing macro or planning on using 300mm and longer non-tele lenses, you might consider getting a shorter or even bag bellows.

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    Re: Canham DLC45 Bellows Damage

    Hey everyone! Keith replied last night.

    I'd like to quote what he sent me, in case anyone else has this issue and searches for it in the future:
    "DO NOT PUT ANY TYPE OF OIL ON THE FOCUS RAILS! The rails should be waxed with a good paste wax such as Minwax finishing wax. (That is what we use.) A good auto wax for a car finish will also work."

    "As for the bellows. Remove it from the camera. Soak it in a sink filled with water for a minute or two. shake off the water and put the folds into the bellows. Make sure the folds are all even. Either put some clamps on it to hold it in place or put it on a table with a weight on top to hold it in place. Let it dry. We find it best to put the bellows in the sun to dry. Make sure you do not put it in a place where it is cool and damp as mold could grow."

    While I had them in the sink, I scrubbed them gently as he has shown on his Facebook page - as they did REEK of mildew and that vomit-like stench that old bags have. The camera has the original Tenba bag that the camera was probably sold with (the embroidered one) so I'm going to try to clean that was well.

    I appreciate the advice!

    Also - the 75mm works well on the bellows surprisingly. I know it's large for just that lens, but I have a 115mm, 150mm, 210mm and a 400mm that I'll use with it as well.

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