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Thread: Heisler's "50 Portraits" book -- useful to many

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    Heisler's "50 Portraits" book -- useful to many

    I was not aware of Greg Heisler until fairly recently, though I had seen some of his portraits. I had long ago seen this book at a store and scanned some of it briefly, but put it down without much thought.

    After watching a few conversations and presentations of his recently, due to my interest in portraiture, I got this book from the library. Each principle portrait of a subject (a second is included for most) is accompanied by a description of some aspect(s) of the (usually) assignment, followed by a section called Thoughts on Technique, which similarly tends to select some aspect of why he chose the equipment he did, or the setting, or some other technical consideration. Throughout, Heisler shares his thinking process, about his portraiture in general as well as the particulars, and he has a lot to share from which many portrait photographers -- by which I mean, photographers who make portraits, whether principally or not -- can learn a great deal. He is articulate, funny (more funny live; see the videos), thoughtful, and candid.

    Oh, I forgot to mention, he does what John Sexton did in Places of Power adn others, elsewhere, providing technical details with thumbnails of the images at the back of the book.
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