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Thread: Mounting Chromira(Crystal Archive) prints

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    Mounting Chromira(Crystal Archive) prints

    Would like advice on mounting Chromira (Fuji Crystal Archive) prints. I went through all the responses I could find on this site with regard to the pros and cons on mounting of prints, and various methods used but still not sure the route to go. I have Chromira prints made and have for some time framed them with archival tapes rather than a permanent mounting material. Mats are 4ply Artcare and the backboard is acidfree foamcore. The prints, especially the larger (20 x 24 and larger), develop waves that look lousy. I think mounting the print to a 2ply board (as Mr Bond states on his website) and then framing as I usually do seems the best route. My question is, what type of adhesive would be best to mount the print to the 2ply board? I would prefer avoiding heat-activated films,etc.

    I have searched on the web concerning and would like opinions on any of the following: 1. PMA (positionable mounting adhesive) - is it archival? Acceptable to use? 2. Permacolor Permatrans mounting film - found reference to this on Christopher Burketts website. Anyone use this? 3. Techmount. Are there any adhesive films? I thought Light Impressions used to carry a Techmount product but cannot find it on there website. 4. Rollataq adhesive system - a wet process that frightens me. Any experience? 5. Others?????

    Thank you in advance. This forum and contributors are great. Have shot 4x5 for years but didn't realize there was such a useful site specific to LF.

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    Doug Dolde

    Mounting Chromira(Crystal Archive) prints

    I use a low temperature dry mount tissue like Colormount at about 175 deg F. For bigger prints I mount to Gatorboard, smaller ones to Brainbridge backing board.

    I use the small Seall 110 press which in sections is capable of mounting up to around 24 x prints.

    They only time I had a problem was when I used too much heat. Do that and it will blister of course ruining the print.

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    Doug Dolde

    Mounting Chromira(Crystal Archive) prints

    I forgot to mention that I stopped using plain old white foam core quite a while back. It just dents too easily whereas Gatorboard does not.

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    Mounting Chromira(Crystal Archive) prints

    Doug, thank you for your input. I really appreciate it. I just might look into a drymount press.

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