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Looking at German shutters this lens would need at least a Compur 2 or Compound 3 shutter - and since these are mostly made with continental thread - you would also need a tailor made adapter; all in all quite costly.
btw Acme no 3 might also fit, and maybe the Betax shutter which have imperial threads.

some specs

What is exactly wrong with the aperture in your lens; are parts really broken or 'only' misaligned?
Thanks for this: I love the ad!

The blades are misaligned and several are badly bent. Three are out of their sockets. I guess it could be all straightened out by a competent repairer. I donít see how to disassemble the section with the aperture mechanism or I might have had a go myself, no doubt further complicating the situation. The glass is pristine.
Unless the aperture is either fixed or removed there is no way to use the lens unfortunately.