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Thread: Lens Repair

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    Lens Repair

    My Dad and I were always involved in various projects thru the years. I feel very bless by that. One project we didn't get to before he passed was building a view camera. I'm thinking of starting the project in honor of him. I was wondering who repairs lens with issues. Thanks.

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    Re: Lens Repair

    That sounds like a really worthwhile project, although I'd think about buying a view camera and using it in his honor rather than building one. But that's just me... building might take more time.

    Rebuilding shutters is generally within the skill set of any camera repair shop that still works on film cameras. It would help if you gave a clue as to the type of shutter and your location for a better and more informative response.

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    Re: Lens Repair

    As for rebuilding shutters, it seems that the most common shutter-related issue among us LF folks is a gunked-up slow speed mechanism (the little cage which contains the slow speed gears).

    Turns out that this little cage is pretty easy to either re-lubricate in place, or, as in my case - to extract entirely (held in place with three screws), flood with alcohol, then re-lube prior to re-installation. Mind you this is for a late Copal (have also done this with 35mm Leica shutters).

    At any rate...the above "repair" took all of half an hour, so that my then-favorite (210mm Sironar-N) lens was effectively never taken out of service. Something to think about!

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    Re: Lens Repair

    Quote Originally Posted by MtnMan View Post
    I was wondering who repairs lens with issues. Thanks.
    That's a nice thing, to do in your Dad's honor. As far as fixing large format lenses/shutters, I have had good luck with Phototronic. The owner is really nice, and is willing to "talk shop," with you. He has worked on a couple of different 4x5 cameras and lenses for me, and did a good job.

    I have no affiliation, other than being a satisfied customer.

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    Re: Lens Repair

    the answers here are mostly about repairing the shutter (understandable since that is the part that goes wrong the most) but the OP didn't specify, is it a lens issue (fungue, separation, etc.) or a shutter issue (usually shutter timing, maybe shutter opration, or aperture operation)? There are quite a few shutter repairers out there, and the cost is usually pretty reasonable. Lens repairers seem less common, and while I don't know what they cost, I doubt it is as cheap.

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    Re: Lens Repair

    I sent a very early Voigtländer Heliar to

    he was well recommended to me and I was very happy with the service
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