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Thread: Daguerreotype Process: I tincture of Iodine of any use?

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    Daguerreotype Process: I tincture of Iodine of any use?

    I did a Dasg workshop years ago. It was fun but I just cannot see well enough to decern the delicate color changes when costing s plste with Iodine fumes.

    Anyway, I was thinking about it this morning and this thought floated to the surface. Can tincture of Iodine be used ass as source of iodine when sensitizing s plate? In my concept, a measured amount of the alcohol suspension of elemental Iodine is placed in the fuming box and the plate exposed, the alcohol evaporates and the Iodine sublimates.

    I this would work, the amount of Iodine could be controlled and the Iodine safely stored in a sealed bottle for long periods.

    Any thoughts from Dag practitioners?
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