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    Quote Originally Posted by Tin Can View Post

    The website is 2022
    Quote Originally Posted by Oren Grad View Post
    That website has been up, unchanged, for ages. I wonder how many years it's been since he's built and sold any of those items.

    What he's been up to:
    Thanks for posting these things!
    I am appreciative of Mark Sampson for remembering the name of the maker and his cameras, I remembered they were big and heavy. LOL.
    It's wonderful to see he and his wife have a foundation where they gift $$ to working photographers, last recipients were only a few years ago.
    I almost want to get a vertical self watering garden ...

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    I need to adapt his style tripod/platform

    But also have 2 wheels
    Tin Can

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    Yeah, overall interesting to see yet another explorer of the interface of LF photog, architectural design, landscaping, etc. Have a friend with a very successful arch. lighting business with Malibu clientele, though he actually lives up here near SF Bay half of each week, and flies down there to his showroom the other half. Keep asking him when he's going to retire; but he still enjoys it, and the business is doing well. Lots of rich folk around there who have the money to spend. I once shipped a lot of uber-expensive door and window hardware down there. Mailbu ain't LA, that's for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnantz View Post
    I almost want to get a vertical self watering garden ...
    That was the first thing that caught my eyes. But it doesn’t look like I can buy one directly.

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