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Thread: Which Microsoft Windows 10 (or 11?) Computer for Adobe?

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    Re: Which Microsoft Windows 10 (or 11?) Computer for Adobe?

    Quote Originally Posted by Corran View Post
    However, my main issue with Dell is not even about reliability but documented outrageous upsell behavior. This video series would be a prime example and includes a host of companies to compare, from a variety of perspectives...

    Regardless I will simply say once more that anyone looking for a good, reliable computer would be remiss not to consider building it themselves. You will get more performance dollar-for-dollar and a knowledge base to help keep it working into the future.
    Watched some of that video. It's pretty funny, less so if you look at it from the perspective of someone who's dealing with a Dell salesman. Disappointed that Linus isn't wearing a real bow tie

    Just admit it Corran. You're a "build your own" evangelist
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    Re: Which Microsoft Windows 10 (or 11?) Computer for Adobe?

    Oh yeah, unabashedly. I understand that some folks have their issues with computers, but it's mostly software problems. Building a computer these days is just adult LEGOs. Verified builds with instructions can be found online easily.

    If you're lucky, one of Micro Center's 25 stores in the USA is nearby and they could walk you through some details. I'm probably going to the one in GA next time I do a build.
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    Re: Which Microsoft Windows 10 (or 11?) Computer for Adobe?

    I appreciate all the input. I think that I have a pretty good idea of what would be needed. Still, making a choice has its complexities.

    I like Oren's strategy. Purchase a Dell without bloat-ware and then beef it up with memory and a good CPU.

    In fact, I'm considering both a Microsoft based system and an Apple, and will begin a thread on the latter. I think that some of what has been gleaned in this thread regarding Microsoft carries over to Apple.


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